The article explains how technology can enhance the learning environment for those students with autism and other needs.  The teacher used palm pilots for her students.  First, the article mentions that her students were supposed to take pictures of their pets and share them with another classmate, teaching social skills.  It was also mentioned that students could program appropriate responses to various social settings, which is especially useful to students with social communication disorder or those with social anxiety.  Students are also able to put in their classes, homework, and due dates to keep them organized, which I think all students could benefit from, not merely those with special needs.  The PalmPilot also assists students write down question prompts and take notes, which helps in organization and better understand the material.  There is also a story in which a student with autism found switching classes as a freshmen and encountering various teachers overwhelming, so his brother, who had an affinity for vlogging, recorded his bother’s routine and provided a commentary for him.  By watching the recording over and over again, he felt more comfortable with his new routine.


I think the integrating of technology into classrooms is a fantastic idea.  Not only do students with special needs benefit from assistive technology, but it can help other students in innumerable ways as well.  However, after today’s class discussion on funding, I can’t help but feel students in low-income schools suffer from the lack of funding for technology.  Its so unfair that not every student is able to benefit from the technology that could help them achieve so much more academically as well as socially.