17 Ways to Help Students with ADHD Focus

The CDC suggests that 11% of students aged 7-11 have ADHD.  These students are not solely in special education classrooms, but in the general education classes as well.  This article has 17 ways any teacher can help students with ADHD.  These include squish toys or filled balloons that students can squeeze under their desks (to keep distraction to a minimum) and keep their hands busy, attaching velcro under desks for students to touch, or allowing gum chewing/chewable necklaces.  The article also suggests a variety of different chairs that allow movement, a standing desk, leg bands, and even adding a stationary back to the back of the classroom for students who have to move.

I think these tips are great, and they can apply to many students, not only those with ADHD, and they could really help students with ADHD succeed in school.  While these tricks may not help with all students, teachers should remain flexible and come up their own unique ways to help their students succeed.