This article demonstrates the multiple ways that social studies can be integrated into the English/Language Arts classroom.  Unfortunately, many schools are cutting their social studies curriculum, especially since it is not on standardized tests. However, there are many ways to supplement and relate to social studies.  For instance, using nonfiction material for reading out loud, and having discussions predicting the outcomes.  Also, writing about historical figures and events will cause students to strengthen their writing skills as well as learn more about important people in history.  Students presenting their research projects will teach the class multiple historical figures. Students could also be assigned a persuasive or opinionated essay about a historical event.

There were also several other ways to quickly integrate history into the curriculum, like “this day in history” openers, reading something for current events and responding as a bell ringer, and having timelines in the classrooms.

I believe that it is important to integrate other subjects together, because not only do students learn by repetition, students can see how what they are learning in one class can carry over and apply in other areas.  For instance, while students are learning about the Holocaust in their history class, reading The Diary of Anne Frank or The Boy Who Dared can provide an emotional connection and provide a visual representation of what life was like during that time period.